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Petition on Proposed Temporary Ta Xbiex Yacht Marina (Malta)


The President of Malta, Dr. George Abela, LL.D.

The Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi LL.D., M.P.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. Dr. Austin Gatt, LL.D. M.P.

The Legislative Assembly, c/o Speaker of the House, Hon. Dr. Louis Galea LL.D. M.P. [For the attention of all the members of the House of Representatives.]

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat M.P.

A Petition against the proposed temporary Yacht Marina Site along Ta' Xbiex Coast Road from near the Gzira Gardens up to the Ta' Xbiex Water Polo Aquatic Sports Club.

The Infrastructure Minister Hon. Austin Gatt, through the Malta Maritime Authority, has recently proposed the building of a temporary yacht marina site along Ta' Xbiex Coast Road from between the Gzira Gardens and the Water Polo Aquatic Sports Club of Ta' Xbiex.

We the undersigned do hereby protest and object against this project, first and foremost because a temporary site can become a regular site. Also this particular site is first and foremost:

(a) Used as a public bathing site area and that of an area reserved for water-polo playing or training.

(b) Has its rocks formation protected by the Malta Structure Plan and one cannot place any concrete and damage the rocky area.

(c) Could change the sea current patterns, causing erosion of littoral and sub littoral sediment of the area and its deposition, such as which the present sand slops that are being formed on the coastline area.


Furthermore, this proposition although being for a temporary yacht marina, it would first and foremost endanger all sort of water-life forms of the area, because:-

Such damage would eliminate all the present marine life forms or biota, and could also end through their destruction all the ecological marine communities that live and breed within this particular area. We lost the sea urchin [ Paracentrotus lividus] which used to habit this area, due to present day pollution.

Furthermore, all kind of sea-life formation would be endangered due to diesel, petrol which often comes out from birthed crafts, including during their mooring stages or while maneuvering to go out.

The Coastline contains various cemented and intertwined loosely coiled shells of gastropods (snails) and worms, which are embedded in a matrix of coralline algae, which due to the large amount of diesel, oil and other sewage material that could unexpected and unintentionally be released, may endangers all existence marine life forms of this area.

The main land area is also very important for the breeding of large and small fish stocks spawning during winter and summer times, including

lacci, sargi, mullet, accola, awrata, cawla, cerna, dott abjad or tal-faxxi, hanzir tal-fond, imsell, kahlija, makku, voppi, etc., etc.

Has historical cannons fixed into the shoreline with a Naval History.

This area includes on its rocky shoreline which is regularly covered with several vegetation and other life forms such as the breeding of small shrimps, worms, squids, octopus, and many others.

Finally, the birthing of such yachts would be very close to the residence area, being subject to the worst three winds, that are coming from the north east, the direction from Manoel island point of lazzareto creek; the north wind, coming from in-front of Manoel island marina; and then from the north west, that is from near the bridge of Manoel island. Thus, making it also impossible for yachts to be steady, unless they would have three sided wind-breakers to protect them from waves in winter, not to forget the banging noise that would be generated through mast ropes when the wind is heavy, which would produce a horrible noise that would not let residents sleep.

We also request that MEPA holds a legal process with terms of references regarding the breeding of fish in this area, through an Environmental Impact Assessment, before any permit is issued.

For these reasons we would appreciate that for this proposal an alternative site would be found as soon as possible, being electoral voters we expect the Government to heed to this request with a favorable reply as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance and hope that your response to our petition would be taken and that we would be informed of the outcome as soon as possible.


[Please view updates posted on www.maltanetworkresources.com and www.taxbiex.com.]

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